How to Find a Lover for the Winter

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Winter is coming. Well, not quite yet, but summer is over and there will soon be a chill in the air and the leaves will start turning beautiful colors. This is my very favorite time of year! There is something so cosy about the days getting shorter, and darker, and the temperatures getting colder. Makes me want to couple up and snuggle up with someone for sure. I mean body heat is necessary in the cold winter months and I live in Chicago, where it can get super cold and snowy. Time to lock down a lover for the winter.

Right now I am as single as single can be! And after my epic last fling of summer, as I wrote about last week, I want more of that in my life. ASAP. Lol. But he’s not coming back to Chicago until January (though he was kind of irreplaceable and I am definitely counting down until I see him again…). What to do between now and then? Find a new man! How to do that? Dating apps like Tinder and Bumble are fantastic tools to connect with men who you would not meet in real life.

So the other night I went on Bumble and matched with a hot guy. We start chatting and it’s clear early on that he is likely not the intelligent type I usually go for. He’s a pretty boy for sure. And as we are chatting, he decides to interject pictures of his bulging underwear into the conversation. Without any context. Just random pics of his dick, hard, in his underwear. And just kept the conversation going…

Now, I am not opposed to such pictures, after you have met. When you want to keep the fire warm while you are apart. Not before meeting. And certainly not unsolicited! I asked this guy if sending pics like this got him a lot of dates. He said it depends on the woman. Well, as we know I am no prude, but this whole interaction just struck me as 100% odd. It’s not like we were talking about hooking up. No sexually suggestive language whatsoever. Just thought he’d show me his cock. Unmatch. I mean, it was nice, but that was just an odd text exchange.

So back to trusty Tinder. I feel like there is a lot more weeding through (left swipes) on Tinder, but I always yield higher quality results. Always. No dick pics. More interesting, well-traveled, intelligent men. Higher quality chats.

Sometimes when you go on Tinder, even if you are super picky (as I am), you get a lot of matches and a lot of conversations ensue. This is the tricky part. You start chatting with one guy, then another reaches out. Then another. Then another! Suddenly your phone is lighting up with alerts. Oops. A lot of conversations are happening now, but the good news is that they all want to meet you! Are you on dating apps? If not, why not? It’s 2017 ladies. And this is the modern, and convenient, way to meet a new man in your life and possibly a new lover to keep you warm this winter…


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