Single Ladies: 5 Steps to the Best Valentine’s Day Ever!

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Ah, Valentine’s Day… such a fantastic holiday when you are completely in love and in an amazing relationship! What about if you are not? Or what about if you are casually dating? Valentine’s Day plans are way too mushy and serious for the independent lady who is enjoying herself and her sexuality but isn’t looking for anything complicated or involved with the current man in her life.

Valentine’s Day will happen this week. But I’m not going to give you the usual single girl advice of treating yourself to a day at the spa or having a fun party with your other single girlfriends. You got this one. All by yourself!

Anne’s Plan for the Most Amazing Valentine’s Day yet!

This night is going to be about you. All about you. All about exploring your sexuality further than you have before. Alone. Fuck all of the mushy love crap out there in the couple’s universe. This is about taking time for you and WITH yourself.

Step 1: Order in some flowers. Whatever you like. Might be roses. Might be tulips. Might be hydrangeas. It’s not that this is a tradition that men give you flowers on Valentine’s Day, this is acknowledgement that you have your own life, make your own money and deserve beautiful things in your life. I do this most weeks even when it’s not a holiday. You should too!

Step 2: Pick up some champagne or sparkling wine. Since you don’t want to drink a bottle by yourself (or maybe you do – no judgement!), there are little cans of champagne with straws. These are so cute and really yummy!

Step 3: How’s your inventory of sex toys? If you have some fun ones, make sure they are clean (soap and water works just fine). If you don’t own any, I recommend investing! This world is all new to me as of a couple years ago and there are some amazing toys on the market. Lelo is my favorite brand. They actually look like pieces of art! This one is my all time favorite – great for exploring your g-spot and also works well for clitoral stimulation.

Step 4: You are by yourself, so you might need a little help to get yourself warmed up and in the mood. And let’s be honest, everything is more fun and feels soooooo much better with some slippery lube! With silicone toys you need to use a water-based lube (silicone lube might damage silicone toys). My current favorite is SYLK. It’s the only all natural moisturizing lubricant made from New Zealand kiwifruit vine extract. It actually acts just like the natural lubrication your body produces (I am not kidding!) and it’s completely safe to put in your body – no parabens, hormones, harsh chemicals, animal products, artificial colors, or flavors. Plus they have 20% off right now, using code: 20WINTER. It’s FDA approved and very popular with doctors and nurses who deal with issues of sexual health.

Step 5: Relax. Sip some champagne. Have a look at the lovely flowers. And explore your body. At your own pace. No need to rush. No pressure. Just amazing YOU time. Enjoy. You deserve it.

And Happy Valentine’s Day.

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