Safer Sex Summer Refresher

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So if you follow this blog or my Instagram or my joint project, Grown-up Women, you know I am all about living an extraordinary life as a single, childless woman in my 40’s. I am digging everything about freedom at this age. Financial freedom, as I make my own money. Life freedom, as I decide who is in my life and who I want to spend time with. And sexual freedom, to continue to explore my sexuality and own it.

I talk a lot about sex, finding gratifying relationships via dating apps and potentially embracing multiple partners. I would be remiss, if I didn’t offer a public service announcement in the form of a safe sex refresher from time to time. Safer sex is something you need to be vigilant about. Even though I don’t talk about safe sex all the time, it’s a big deal. So pay attention. Here’s a recap from my last post on this subject. Review it. Do it. Live it.

1. Get tested. Regularly. Most STIs don’t have symptoms. If you are sexually active and not in a monogamous relationship, the recommendation is to get tested every six months. Do it. It’s fairly easy to find a discrete, walk-in clinic, that can usually turn around the results in 24-48 hours. The process will involve peeing in a cup, having your blood drawn and swabbing inside your cervix. Most insurance plans will pay for these tests. My full screening cost a $20 co-pay.

2. When you have a new partner, have a conversation about sexual health. Ask if they have ever been screened for STIs. In this day and age, swapping test results is not that big of a deal. And then still use a condom!

3. Oral sex… nearly 95% of women say they do not use condoms during oral sex, but the fact is that chlamydia, gonorrhea and syphilis can absolutely be contracted from giving a blow job. Sorry. Take a B.J. University class and learn some techniques that will drive him wild – even with a condom!

4. Do some experimenting with different types of condoms to make sure you have a brand that you feel good about putting in your body (no parabens, glycerine or spermicide). My favorite is Sir Richards which I keep stocked in my goody drawer and carry with me in my purse in several different sizes. You never know!

Summer flings are still highly recommended but be safe. Stay safe. Take care of yourself and your health.

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