A Little Lighter and A Lot Happier

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If you have been following my journey, you know that I separated from my ex-husband nearly two years ago and have been divorced for 18 months now. While divorce has truly been the best thing that could have happened in my life, it did force a lot of changes including selling my home and downsizing into an apartment where I lived for a while. But recently I bought a condo and made the decision to downsize again into a smaller space and I have to tell you I am feeling even more free and liberated!

I moved into 550 sq. feet of space, which does have a bedroom – my King-size bed fits in there and that’s about it! The kitchen is smaller, the bathroom is smaller, I lost my linen closet and my bedroom dresser and a bookshelf in my living room. I donated books and clothes and shoes (why did I have so many pairs?!) to charity, and gave away furniture to friends. And each time something left my life, I felt a little bit lighter. And a little bit happier.

Now, in my life, I have only my favorite things. Only nice things. Only things that I love. I only kept jeans that actually fit and look good on me. I only kept dresses that flatter. I only kept shoes that are comfortable. I only kept a few pieces of jewelry – ones that are precious to me. I only kept the best cashmere sweaters and wraps. Anything that was a silly impulse purchase or not good quality or something I’ve only worn a couple times is gone. I only kept my favorite face oil (why did I have drawers full of lotions and potions?!). I only kept my two favorite perfumes. I only kept the one color of nail polish that I wear no matter how many other colors I buy. Only one perfect red lipstick. I only kept the pieces of furniture and art that I love and have meaning in my life. I only kept the best, most pristine linens for my bed. Anything that was stained, torn or just not quite right is gone.

Now, in my life, I also have only my favorite people. No more obligations to hang out with people for the sake of my ex. No more time spent trying for force relationships to work, including my marriage. I only spend time with people who enrich my life and I hopefully theirs. I find relationships now to be much easier, probably because there is no pressure, no obligation, no ulterior motivation. This includes relationships with men. I only allow nice, respectful men into my life. Anyone who was toxic, jaded or energy-sucking is gone. There are no exceptions.

I did burn some sage as I moved into my new condo, but I am not sure it was necessary. I already rid my life of bad spirits and bad energy. Simplification of things was forced by moving into a smaller space. Simplification of people in my life is a clear, easy and natural choice. The path is now wide open to continue to live a rich and intentional life. A little bit lighter. And a lot bit happier!

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