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This week I am very serendipitously speaking with Laura Powers, Celebrity Psychic on the Life Begins at 40 Podcast. The release date of this episode is March 19, 2020 and we are in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic. Tune in as we hear what Laura has to say about this time as informed by her psychic abilities. We also talk about communicating with Angels, manifesting the lives we want to live and how Laura can help you cultivate your own abilities. If you are feeling anxious, you will feel better after listening to this episode. Sending lots of love ❤️

1:50 – About Laura and her daily life

4:15 – Laura’s journey to Celebrity Psychic

8:00 – About psychic abilities

9:15 –  Inviting communication with Angels and those who have passed

13:30 – What is Laura seeing in our current climate/time of crisis

18:00 – Let’s talk manifesting

25:00 – How you can work with Laura

Resources recommended on the show:

Laura’s Website/Services

Healing Powers Podcast

You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay

Find Laura on Social Media: @laurapowers44

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