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This week I welcome Lyn Lindbergh – the author of the 6x award winning book COUCH to ACTIVE: The Missing Link that Takes You from Sedentary to Active. Lyn is also the host of the COUCH to ACTIVE podcast, Blogger, Speaker, Coach, Fitness Influencer, Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Pilates Instructor and Certified Group Fitness Instructor. BUT don’t worry – Lyn and I talk about way more than fitness. We talk about life and the challenges that crop up along the way. Enjoy this refreshing episode!

1:00 – Getting to know Lyn.

4:15 – Dealing with chronic health issues.

6:05 – Transitioning out of Corporate America (YES!)

12:45 –  The launch of Couch to Active and how the program works.

25:00 – What’s next?

Featured on the show:

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Couch to Active

Couch to Active Podcast

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