005 Emmy-nominated Actor, Writer and Director – Anne Marie Cummings

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This week I have the honor of interviewing, 8x daytime Emmy-nominated actress, director and writer, Anne Marie Cummings. We talk about everything from life in LA to dating younger men to thoughts about marriage and of course all about her one-shot series, Conversations in L.A. This episode is not to be missed!

2:00 – Anne Marie’s journey. Transitioning from New York to L.A.

5:45 – Older women/younger men: is this subject of Conversations in L.A. based on personal experience?

10:15 – Anne Marie’s thoughts about marriage.

17:35 –  Anne Marie’s show, Conversations in L.A. and her unique one-shot format style.

23:25 – The connection between Anne Marie’s theater work and her film work.

27:00 – How does Anne Marie manage to act, direct and write?!

31:00 – What’s next?

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