Let’s Talk About Lube

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Lube. That awful sticky stuff found in the “feminine care” section of your local Walgreens. The embarrassment of actually buying it if you are experiencing some dryness can be paralyzing. Is the checkout lady judging you? Is the guy behind you checking out your shopping basket? Well, I have news for you: if you do need it or even if you don’t think you need lube, it can make sex 100x more fun. And there should never be a reason to be embarrassed to make this purchase. But you do need to be careful about the kind of lube you buy. Let’s discuss!

I first learned about lube at Blow Job University. Yes, that is an actual course that I took at G-Boutique in Chicago when I found myself 40-something and single again and oh my goodness, I learned so much, including testing out a bunch of different kinds of lube. So in said BJU class, lube was used in the context of giving hand jobs and blowjobs and I gotta tell you it does make the “job” ever so much easier! I never thought about it, but if you use body-safe lube (which means it has no preservatives or parabens, harsh chemicals or fragrances), you can put it on your lips and if you ingest it, there are no worries. And lube is actually an excellent moisturizer and can tame the frizzes in your hair. Just saying. And no need to buy the junk they sell at drug stores, there is a whole world of high quality lubricants you can buy online or at a high-end sex boutique.

Even after the class, I was still a little worried to just pull out a bottle of lube in bed but I have to tell you that men are huge fans of how it feels and what you can do with it (and they are impressed that you are an expert at what makes them feel good!) Besides making everything slippery for the handjob/blowjobs, if you put a little lube in the tip of a condom before you put it on him, he will have a more pleasurable experience and you are protecting yourself (there is no excuse for not using condoms – it you missed that blog, please check it here). Win. Win.

And of course as we get older, there can be issues with dryness. You can discretely apply a little lube on your lady parts and even if he goes down, it’s still safe and won’t taste funny. And honestly, everything will just feel better. The more slippery everything is, the better everything feels. The more you will relax and enjoy.

While I am generally a fan of silicone lubes, I have discovered a new water-based lube that is amazing. And if you are a fan of silicone toys (as I am – more on that in another blog soon!), a good water-based lube is mandatory (silicone lube will ruin the toy…) So my new favorite is called SYLK® and it recently received its FDA Clearance. SYLK®, has been a trusted product for over 30 years in New Zealand and Australia, and has been sold in the United Kingdom since the 1990’s where SYLK® received its CE certification. Now SYLK® is available in the US. Whether with toys or with a partner, SYLK® makes everything more pleasurable. It’s natural, it’s moisturizing and it’s made with kiwifruit extract which mimics your body’s natural lubrication. It’s the best on the market. #AnneGreyRecommends

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