The Last Fling of Summer

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Well ladies, it’s Labor Day weekend and summer is ending. I cannot believe how fast it went! Is it true that time goes by faster the older we get… maybe!

So, how was your summer? Were there flings? Did you have fun? You know I recommended a summer fling or two but not all of you follow my advice. Yet.

I just want you to know that I practice what I preach and I ended up having the most epic of epic flings last weekend! Here’s the story:

I met a lovely young man on Tinder five months ago. He comes to Chicago, where I live, once a quarter on business. So back then, we had a good chat on the app and decided to meet up for a drink. He was late (because traffic in Chicago is awful) and I stupidly picked the loudest bar possible in the Loop. We ended up having a couple drinks and tried to hold a conversation, competing with the noise, but ultimately just ended up admiring each other. Because he was late, our meet up was all of 45 minutes. My high-school roommate was in town and I had plans. So I left and felt kind of indifferent about him…

He texted later that evening and we ended up staying in touch. For 5 months. Not like every day or anything but every so often we’d connect via WhatsApp. It was fun. And we agreed to meet up the next time he was in Chicago. I didn’t get a very good sense of him when we met, but at least we had met. I knew he was real. I knew he was a nice guy. We got to know a bit more about each other over those 5 months. And I knew I was attracted to him.

So… last weekend we met for drinks on Friday night. It was nice not to start at zero. We did not feel like strangers. Drinks led to dinner. It was so easy to talk to him. And he was interesting, well-traveled, intelligent – all those things. Dinner led to taking a taxi to my place, as we had discussed. We are adults. And we are free to participate in adult consensual activities. If either of us thought it wasn’t working out, it would have been fine to part ways but that wasn’t the case.

I’m not one to kiss and tell, but we spent the weekend together. In my condo. In my bed. And it was a lovely, lovely weekend. It was romantic. It was passionate. And all those things happen much easier when you both understand there is only a finite amount of time together.

Is this story inspiring any of you? I hope that it is. We are adult women who are free to make choices in our lives. And if that choice means a yummy weekend in bed with a man who you only see once a quarter, so be it. Life is not getting longer. Live it.


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