How to Meet People for Friendship or Romance in 2019

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Hello My Lovely Single Women in your 40’s, 50’ and maybe 60’s! It’s that time of year when we rehash the events of the previous year – how are we doing in our career, how is our relationship with our family, what is the quality of our circle of friends, do we have a significant other/do we want one, are we living our lives to the fullest?! It’s possible that we have already lived ⅔ of our life… how do you want to live the rest of it?
Gosh, I’m so serious – thought this blog was about how to meet people!?
I do want to talk about how to meet people, for friendship, romance or something undefined, but I want you to get your head in the right space.
We’re not getting any younger  – sorry, I am right there with you! If you want to meet new people to enrich your life you need to open your mind. I am not telling you to lower your standards, but I am telling you not to be a close-minded judgmental bitch – okay? I am telling you to be open to meeting people who have had vastly different experiences than you have. I am telling you that you need to give yourself permission to take a chance on a stranger.
You have to be open to meeting someone to actually meet someone who can potentially enrich your life.
If you’re still with me – great! So where, how, who?!
If you have read my book, you know I am a huge fan of dating apps – particularly Tinder and Bumble. If you are leaping to the conclusion that they are just for hook-ups and sex, stop. Again with the mindset issue. These and all dating apps are merely tools to meet people outside of your normal social circles. They certainly can be used to find a sexual relationship (highly recommended if you don’t want something serious) but they can also be used to find something potentially longer term. It’s all about opening your mind to the possibilities.
My other big tip for meeting people – stay in the present moment. This is something I have been working on quite a bit through meditation (I use the 1Giant Mind App, if you are curious). If you can learn to live more in the present than in the past or in the future, you are more likely to connect with people as you are going about your life. You will start to notice connections with people – a smile, eye contact, saying hello and those moments can easily lead to a conversation, which can easily lead to a coffee date, which can be the start of something beautiful.
Sorry for the tough love here. I want you all to have yummy relationships in your life. Use dating apps and smile.

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