Should You Date a Frog or a Prince?

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Last week, per my usual routine, I had the Today Show on in the morning as I was getting ready for the day. And there was Matt Lauer and gang talking about a new study, based on an article in the New York Post, that claims you will be much happier (and less obsessed with your weight and body image) if you date and consequently marry a frog instead of a prince. Frog being defined as a man who is less attractive than you are.

This is an interesting theory and one I do think about. In fact, I have a girlfriend who always picks the most physically beautiful men to pursue (though she claims they are also intelligent) and it doesn’t usually work out well. She is not looking for a husband but I think dating really beautiful men (who know they are beautiful), even in casual relationships, can be difficult.

The study did agree with my instincts, “women were happier with less genetically blessed hubbies, who compensated in the relationship with acts of kindness, including giving gifts, sexual favors or completing extra housework, according to Esquire UK. “The husbands seemed to be basically more committed, more invested in pleasing their wives when they felt that they were getting a pretty good deal,” the study said.” Gifts and sexual favors – yes please!

In all seriousness, I tend to pick men based more on their credentials than their looks. I have written how I have a thing for intelligent men, nerds if you will, and that remains the most important priority for me when choosing a man. Nothing is better than a man who stimulates my brain. A man who is thriving in his life and his career. A man who reads more than I do. A man who has interesting hobbies. A man who had traveled the world and can tell me fantastic stories. A man who can speak multiple languages. A man who likes to cook for me!

And of course you need to be attracted physically to the man you are dating. But I would not describe any man I have dated as a frog. I like nerds, but sexy nerds. They are all highly attractive to me though I tend not to pick “pretty boys”. And maybe that is my prejudice… Maybe I think super-hot men are not going to be super-intelligent.

Would be curious to get a dialogue going on this topic. Drop me an email and let me know what you think!

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