Anne’s Favorite Things – No. 1

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I have written previously about how I downsized my life after divorce and only keep my very favorite things around. Well, I continue to simplify and refine my style and the products I use. It’s really made my busy life of working, writing and dating manageable. I never have to worry about what I am wearing when I run from my office to a potentially fun Tinder date!

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First, I am a huge fan of the Eileen Fisher brand. I would say that 70% of my wardrobe comes from there. Her designs are modern, flattering and easy to care for. And most of her pieces coordinate with each other, so it makes it very easy to get dressed in the morning. I don’t have time to try on a bunch of outfits. I need to be reassured that what I pick is going to look chic and her collection makes that possible. I also love that they support the environment, human rights and initiatives for women and girls.

This dress is a staple in my wardrobe and one of my go-to items if I know I need to run from work to cocktails. If it’s hot, you can wear it by itself or throw a light kimono over it (and I am not much for trends, but kimonos are very popular right now!). If it’s a little chilly, try a lightweight cardigan. Or if it’s cold out, go for a bit heavier cardigan. It’s really perfect for all seasons depending on how you layer it up. In fact, most of the Eileen Fisher pieces work year-round – another reason I am a huge fan.

For shoes, I have never been in favor of wearing one pair of shoes for walking and another for when you want to look good. And as a 40-something woman, I am just not interested in being uncomfortable or toting around extra stuff! I am much more likely to throw on shoes that allow me to walk through the city to my office, are comfortable all day and can take me to drinks or dinner. I love Dansko and own these in black and sand. They are amazingly comfortable and chic enough! I am also a huge fan of the ballet flat and love the simplicity of these. They go with anything – dress, skirt, jeans!

Another must is a bag that works for work (laptop friendly) but also works if you need to jet off to dinner. I remember when I got my very first job out of college, I fell in love with a beautiful Hobo leather bag at a boutique around the corner from my apartment. I saved my money and ended up buying it and 20 years later, I still use it a couple times a week! This bag is very similar. I love real leather that smells good and this one is made of vintage hide leather, which is so lovely. And you may also want a wallet that doubles as clutch. I’ve also had this one for nearly 20 years. It’s a classic and goes with everything. And for just over $100, you will have something that you can grab and run out the door!

I am passionate about minimalism and simplicity. Anything we can do to make our lives less complicated is a great idea. This is the first of a series of my favorite things. Hope it gives you some ideas to simplify your life too! 

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