DISCLAIMER:  By engaging my services you understand and acknowledge that any advice or recommendation is based solely on my personal experiences.  I do not claim to have any legally recognized qualifications or authority to be a counsellor or therapist.  In my capacity as a Consultant, I am merely acting as a mentor to those who choose to contact me about your own personal journey in pursuit of clarity about dating, happiness, fulfillment and/or liberation. My service is offered in good faith and any advice or instruction provided in any interaction we may have should not been seen as a substitute for the professional advice of medical doctors, psychiatrists or clinical psychologists. In all cases it is solely your responsibility to seek appropriate professional treatment for any symptoms of disease or disorder you may be experiencing. I do not give any warranty or guarantee that personal problems (either expressed or implied) presented by you can or will be resolved.  Further, I do not accept any liability or responsibility for any consequences of your use of my services — either beneficial or otherwise. Your use of the advice or information provided in a consultation, your interpretation of what you see or hear in such sessions or any effects on you or others which you attribute to such consultation is your responsibility alone. In no event will I be liable to any person(s) for any loss or damage of any kind which may occur as a result of my providing consulting services.


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  • If you are a 40/50-something  woman who is fulfilled creatively, financially and spiritually but don’t get laid on a regular basis …
  • A happily single woman who hasn’t been passionately kissed and touched in some time
  • Or you’ve always wanted to take a lover, but don’t know where to start…

You have come to the right place.

I am a dating consultant who believes that freedom should reign in all aspects of our lives, especially in the bedroom.

My mission is to help awesome women embrace their sexuality and their bodies and teach them to find gratifying relationships via dating apps.

Ladies – we have needs.  Let’s discuss how you can meet them!

Click here and get on my schedule for a chat.

Price: 30 minute session for $79 or a pack of 3, 30-minute sessions (recommended) for $197. All payments are due before the first session.

“Anne Grey has been a fantastic source of inspiration in my current phase of life. She has empowered me to take charge of my free sexuality, enjoy independence & honor my true self. Her book is a fabulous motivation tool for women ready to embrace their inner sensuality.”  – Client

“Her role as coach, dating expert and friend has been tremendous and priceless. I thank her every day for sharing her life experience and empowering women to lead and enjoy their fun dating, sexual journey!” – Client