The Best Sex Ever! Are You Having It? If Not, Let’s Talk.

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I am 46-years-old and I am having the best sex ever in my life to date. I’m talking simultaneous orgasms good. I’m talking multiple orgasms good. I’m talking falling asleep with our lips touching, entangled in each other’s arms yumminess. I don’t think I ever imagined being this satisfied or that this type of chemistry and alignment with another person was possible.

There are a lot of reasons why I am able to have this type of experience. It’s not mysterious.

  • I am a grown-up woman and I am confident and comfortable with myself. To be honest, I am the curviest I have ever been in my life. The scale (when I get on it) is at an all-time high. Yet I feel amazing in my body and sexier than I have felt in my entire life.
  • I know how I like to be pleased, sexually. This is something that I have figured out over the years. And it doesn’t take a man to do this. There are tons of exploratory toys and it’s worth spending time to sort out how you need to be stimulated to have an orgasm.
  • I have maybe two eggs left and they are seriously fighting to make life so my libido is off the charts. Periomenopause has also been kicking my ass a bit. If you are having any symptoms I highly recommend having your hormone levels tested. I was able to get mine back in balance and I know that is enhancing my sex life.
  • And another reason…  younger men. Post-divorce I have almost exclusively dated younger men. And younger men have a certain, ahem, energy that aligns very well with mine. I wrote all about this phenomenon in my post a few weeks ago.

If you are a 40-50-something woman and you are not having the best sex ever, you need to reach out to me ASAP. Now is the time. We are in our prime! And good sex, really good sex, is possible at this time in your life. Sex is a need. And it’s healthy. You deserve this type of pleasure in your life.

I have also partnered with Cheryl Sloane, sex educator extraordinaire and erotica store owner, on a new online course all about sex, dating, body image, confidence for 40+ women. You can take this course at your own pace, in the privacy of your own home and you get access to us via a secret Facebook group. Your questions will be answered. We want everyone to be having the best sex ever. Join us!


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