5 Photos Every Woman Should Own

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How are you feeling about the photos you are using on dating apps? Do you have photos where you look happy? Are your photographs current? Did you include a recent full body shot? Dating apps are all about the visual as a starting point. And good photos are essential in order for you to have a good experience in the world of online dating!

Recently I had the pleasure of chatting with my new friend and portrait photographer, Tristan Anderson, and of course I wanted to get his perspective. Tristan specializes in capturing beautiful photos of women in their 40’s and 50’s and many of his clients are single and dating, so he had some great perspective to share.

Here are Tristan’s recommendations for photos you need to have of yourself when out in the world of online dating:

The Little Black Dress. Have a photo of yourself in an outfit that you would wear to go out for a nice dinner date. You want to give him the visual of what it will be like to be on a date with you!

Sexy ME! This is a photo of you in some lovely lingerie or a sexy bathing suit. You can choose how much you want to show of yourself as well. Tip: this shot should not go up on your dating app profile, this is just nice to have as you are getting to know someone or for someone you have already met!

The Outdoor Shot. If you are the outdoorsy-type, a really nice photo of you doing something you enjoy in nature is perfect. If you are not the outdoors type, just a shot of you looking really happy outside is good.

The Casual Shot. A white t-shirt and jeans is classic. Make sure you don’t have too much makeup on in this picture and make sure your hair isn’t too fussy. This shot shows you are not high-maintenance 😉

A Professional Shot. If you are a professional and want to meet men who are also professionals, this is a good idea to include. Your current work headshot is a good example.


If you need help with these photos, Tristan is putting together a special 1/2 day photo shoot specifically for your online dating profile needs. Tris will make sure you look authentic and well-rested. The goal is to look happy, with a nice smiling face and beautiful eyes – that is the most attractive when men are swiping away! I can’t wait to get my pics updated too.

And a very special deal for my readers! http://www.trisanderson.com/dating-collections

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The images used for this blog post Tris’s amazing clients that have allowed Tris Anderson Photography to use their images in marketing and/or social media. However, may not have selected this Dating Package for themselves.


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